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Archival Inkjet Printing

Our Epson 5000 printer produces high-quality prints ranging in sizes up to 17 inches (narrow dimension). We use archival, pigment-based Epson inks and high-quality papers in a variety of weights and surfaces. Sample print prices are listed below:

4x6 inches  $1.50
5x7 inches  $3.50
8x10 inches  $7.50
11x14 inches  $11.40
13x19 inches  $15.45
16x20 inches  $20.45
17x24 inches  $26.00

A variety of custom inkjet papers are available for your order. Paper prices are available upon request.

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Mounting & Laminating

We can mount items on Foamcore and Gatorboard. (Gatorboard is a rigid mounting substrate which is more durable than Foamcore). Custom cutting in various sizes is available for an extra charge.
Size Limitations: We can mount items up to 40 inches in the narrow dimension by 8 feet long.

Customers may also purchase sheets of Foamcore and Gatorboard for their own use. Raw Foamcore is priced at $1.00 per-square-foot. Raw Gatorbord is priced at $4.00 per-square-foot. For larger quantities, custom cutting charges may apply.

Glossy and semi-matt laminating is also available.

Pricing examples for popular mounting and laminating options:

Foam Core:
  $4.90 per sq/ft
     20" x 24" - $16.33 each
     30" x 40" - $40.83 each
     40" x 60" - $81.66 each

  $9.90 per sq/ft
     20" x 24" - $32.99 each
     30" x 40" - $82.49 each
     40" x 60" - $164.99 each

  $4.50 per sq/ft
     20" x 24" - $15.00 each
     30" x 40" - $37.50 each
     40" x 60" - $75.00 each

Additional presentation services and pricing are are available.

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Photo Restoration

Your old and damaged photographs and documents can be brought back to life!
Bring in those precious family photographs and our photographic experts in Graphic Resources will enhance and restore them for generations to come. Once restored the pictures can be preserved onto a CD or DVD disc. You also have the option of having your enhanced photos printed by our expert staff using our Epson 5000 printer which produces beautiful archival quality prints on a variety of premium paper types.

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Slide and Film Scanning

Our digital imaging service offers custom transparency and negative film scanning for print and/or presentation applications.

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Passport, Visa and I.D. Photos

We offer "while you wait" passport photo services. Our service is offered from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. daily. Prior to 10:00 a.m. appointments are required. The price for one set of two prints is $9.95, each additional set is $6.00.

Digital passport photos are available upon request ($3.00).

Please contact customer service at (626) 395-6701 for more information.

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